with Philippe Chiambaretta

A revolution is under way in  La Défense

episode 1

Traditional high-rises are not compatible with new agile working organizations. The Link is a break with the past.

The Link revolutionizes the traditional concept of an office high-rise.


Traditional High-Rise

A traditional high-rise has floor plates measuring around 1,800 sq.m that can accommodate 150 employees at most.


The Link

The Link invents a new type of horizontality, with two wings linked by 30 walkways and generous 6,000-sq.m duplexes.

With The Link, we have created vast 3,000-sq.m floor plates on each floor and 6,000-sq.m duplexes, each with its own garden.


Services concentrated  at the base ?


Get together  at different levels.

Along with the Agora, the linking walkways and the panoramic club are dynamic areas designed to foster chance encounters, like a village square.