The Link:
The Iconic New High-Rise
in Paris La Défense

Located in the Michelet area of Paris La Défense, The Link invents a radically new model for very tall buildings. The Link is a revolution in the high-rise landscape; it represents changing ways of working and a new relationship with the city.

Due to its location, The Link redraws and rebalances the La Défense skyline and marks the beginning of a new era for the business district, where it serves as a new symbolic gateway. The Link sends a forward-looking message of architectural boldness. In today’s environment, that's a sign of confidence and optimism.

The Link,

is two buildings in one, as it comprises two wings connected by 30 green walkways, or links. These platforms promote chance encounters and collective intelligence and can be used as informal workspaces or panoramic meeting rooms.
Put together, the two wings offer 3,000 square meters per floor plate and 6,000 square meters per duplex, an unheard-of amount for a high-rise in La Défense. The Link will be able to accommodate 500 people per floor plate, or four times more than in a conventional high-rise. The floor space and configuration organically promote movement, interaction and contact. The Link is a light-filled high-rise in which all workstations benefit from natural daylight. What's more, the photovoltaic façade will supply a quarter of the building's energy needs for lighting.

The Link devotes unprecedented space to nature with terraces, hanging gardens and planted rooftops offering 2,800 square meters of greenery – a record for a very tall building in La Défense. This green high-rise brings the outdoors in, with plants everywhere. The Link meets people's physiological need for daily contact with nature and is designed so that employees are never more than a 30-second walk from an exterior area.

A High-Rise
with Numerous Innovations

The Link will become TotalEnergies' headquarters in Paris La Défense in 2025. Thanks to its insulating double-skin façade – the first in La Défense to be fitted with photovoltaic panels – the new headquarters will consume 50% less energy than the Company's current offices.
The Link is clearly a high-rise of the energy transition.