Eric Donnet: Chief Executive Officer, Groupama Immobilier

Investor: Groupama Immobilier

Groupama Immobilier is the Groupama Group’s management vehicle specialized in real estate activities (commercial and residential). On behalf of its principals, the company manages a €3.2 billion portfolio, making it one of France’s leading managers of real estate assets. It develops customized, open-ended, fully self-financed projects to reinvent the city and showcase
its heritage.


Founded in 2000 by Philippe Chiambaretta, PCA-STREAM brings together a team of 80 architects, art historians, city planners, landscape designers and engineers. PCA-STREAM sees a multidisciplinary approach to architecture as the only valid way to address today’s major issues. It is one of the few architecture firms in the world with an applied research studio focused on new working habits and productive cities.

Builder: BATEG (VINCI)

Behind the Scenes

Philippe Chiambaretta: Architect, Founder of PCA-Stream