Processing of Personal Data

Personal data are collected at various stages in our commercial operations. These data are processed in compliance with regulations, notably with regard to data subject rights.

1. Your rights with regard to personal data

You have rights with regard to your personal data that can be easily exercised. These include:

- The right to know what information we have and to request that it be modified or rectified (right of access and right to rectification).
- The right to request that your data be deleted or that its use be restricted (right to erasure and to restriction of processing).
- The right to object to the use of your data, notably for commercial prospecting (right to object).
- The right to recover data that you supplied personally (right to data portability).
- The right to issue directives concerning how your personal data will be conserved, erased or disclosed after your death.

You may exercise these rights by sending a letter to Groupama Immobilier’s Data Protection Delegate at the postal address indicated in the Legal Notice or by emailing

Our Personal Data Protection Policy, the detailed description of data processing performed and the procedures for exercising your rights are regularly updated and accessible on this website (

You may also direct any requests about your personal data to the Data Protection Officer for France at

In addition, you may file a complaint with the French data protection authority (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et Libertés – CNIL) if you feel we have failed to meet our obligations concerning your data.

As part of our relations, we are required to regularly verify that personal data are accurate, complete and up to date. To this end, we may ask you to check or add to this information.

Purpose and legal basis for processing personal data

2. Why do we collect personal data?

The data collected by Groupama Immobilier at various processing stages as part of its commercial activities are needed for the following purposes:

- Commercial prospecting

Groupama Immobilier may carry out prospecting campaigns targeting its customers or prospects. Unless you have specified otherwise, the postal address, email address or telephone number you have supplied us may be used to conduct these campaigns.

You may object to receiving advertisements from our services by post, email or telephone (see “right to object”, above).

Concerning telephone prospecting, you may also register your number on France’s BLOCTEL “Do Not Call” list at no cost. This prohibits professionals with whom you do not have any current contractual relationship from soliciting you over the telephone.

Data on a non-customer prospect may be retained for this purpose for three years as of the date of collection or the date of the last contact initiated by the prospect. Data on a customer prospect may be retained for this purpose for three years as of the end of the contractual relationship.

- Studies and statistics

Your personal data may also be used and processed by Groupama Immobilier (or its subcontractors) for statistical analysis or studies, notably to help us modify our product and services offerings, personalize our relationships and gain a better understanding of the market and the competition.

Data processing

Personal data are processed within the European Union.

Who has access to this information?

Processed personal data are available to the following groups, within the limits of their duties:

- Groupama Immobilier departments that may be involved in initiatives that fall within the scope of the purposes described above, notably teams responsible for commercial relations.
- When necessary, our intermediaries, partners and subcontractors.

3. Website functionalities

Our website allows you to obtain detailed information about our The Link project.

The collection of data on the contact formula is needed for effective management of your requests. Without this data, your requests either cannot be processed, or processed in a timely manner.
For this reason, personal data may be collected as you browse the website.

The elements above allow you to obtain detailed information on the processing of personal data carried out for commercial operations. You may also consult our General Personal Data Protection Policy here.

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