Pierre-Yves Guice: CEO of Paris-La Défense

The Link: An Attractive Mix for Employees

Chloé Laurent: Development Manager, Groupama Immobilier

La Défense
and Puteaux

The city of Puteaux is just a stone’s throw away, but getting there on foot is difficult given the complex, uninviting itineraries. The Link will be the first high-rise in La Défense to be directly connected to Puteaux, with a vast 30-meter opening that will re-connect the slab and the city.

Renovating Cours Michelet in La Défense

Michelet is a historic section of La Défense, but today it is locked-in, stone-gray and incoherent. Tomorrow, with The Link, it will be completely rearranged and reconfigured. Traffic flows will be revisited, ground coverings will be renovated, urban furniture will be modernized and green spaces will be added.

The Link: Part of the Historical Axis’s New Skyline

Visible from all of Paris and situated along the historical axis that starts at the Tuileries, The Link will be the symbolic entrance to La Défense. It will create a new, more balanced and resolutely contemporary skyline.

Etienne Riot: Director – Research and Innovation, PCA-STREAM